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Elevate your marketing objectives with Glewee's Campaign Creation process. By utilizing all of our in-app analytic tracking tools, you can discover the ideal Creator team for your next social media campaign. Browse our extensive Creator database, launch your first campaign, and begin deploying influential social media personalities to be your next brand advocates today.

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Glewee Cycle...

How It Works...

Create A Campaign

Get started by setting up a campaign (public or private) and our guided template will help you create campaign-specific parameters along the way.

Search & Discover

Based on the campaign filters, pre-vetted creators who qualify for the role will appear in the ‘Creator Discover’ tab for you to browse through.

Connect With Creators

Creators apply or are invited to be a part of each project. Once accepted by the brand, a new friendship is made and ideas begin to flow in Glewee’s in-app chat.

Talk It Out

Talk everything out, set your terms and rates, create a contract, approve the creators post, and make the payment all in one simple chat feature.

See It Live

Once approved, the creator publishes the content to the specified social media channels and sends the content to the brand to be used for resharing!

Track Results

With Glewee’s analytic tracking dashboard, brands can track key data metrics revolving around each campaign.

Reach New Heights

Creator Marketing is the new Billboard Advertising


Brand Awareness

Social Following

Website Traffic

Content Impressions

Return on Investment

About Our
Creator Community

All of our Brands & Creators are hand picked through our application process, ensuring that each new member makes the Glewee community more unique and dynamic.

As a brand, you can connect in real time with real creators, no more cold DM’s and E-mails necessary.

We strive to empower creators of all size… from Nano to Mega in order to reach the goals of brands in order to deliver return and satisfaction.

Zero barrier to entry

No sign up costs, no subscription fees, no monthly payments, no campaign limitations.

Glewee is entirely free to use for all creators and brands worldwide… and always will be!

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