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Grow Your Brand Awareness With A New Marketing Channel

Tap into Glewee’s pre-vetted creator community to deploy social media personalities for your next campaign

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Drive traffic to your website & social pages to increase followers, sales, and engagement

Creator marketing is the new billboard adveriting that actually gets prospective clients talking about your brand and drive online sales

Use the voice of the Creator as your next Brand Advocates

Ditch the old paid-ad method of text over branded backgrounds to get your message across. Communicate with real creators to learn what will work best for your next campaign

Deploy posts on multiple social channels from various creators in a single campaign

The era of one-and-done paid posts is over. Followers aren’t just watching on one channel, why should your posts be?

Track campaign results, post analytics, and top performing posts in the Glewee Tracking Dashboard

Use our unique dashboard feature to track the real-time analytics of all the posts your brand deploys through Glewee’s Creators

Glewee’s Zero Cost Structure

There are no subscription fees, hidden costs, or sneaky sign-up payments. Glewee is completely free to use for both Creators and Brands!

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