Which Brands are using Influencers as Touch Downs for the Super Bowl

This Sunday kicks off Super Bowl 55 at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa Bay. With millions of people planning on watching from the comfort of their own couches, the Big Game is expecting to bring in approximately 125 million viewers to CBS. With a price tag of $5.6 million per every 30 second ad, brands are hoping to cash in on viewers who aren’t distracted by Super Bowl parties and snacks in-between plays.

As we’ve all seen in the past, brands have used this time to showcase their best efforts of creativity and production. Brands like BudLight, Coca-Cola, and State Farm are notorious for their ongoing stories across Super Bowl ads year after year. Many of these stories and great branded moments have been narrated and carried out by none other than celebrities and influencers we all know and love.

With an increased number of people spending time at home this year, we saw a shift in how a majority of celebrities and influencers interacted with their audiences virtually. The push to social was much stronger and many of these creators focused on connecting with their audience primarily online. Brands and agencies are tapping into this new norm as they activate celebrities for this years’ Super Bowl Ads.

Many Super Bowl 55 commercials have already came out and have featured an extensive list of celebrities and influencers. The thing is – most of the commercials came out via the influencers’ social media pages. This is a tactic all brands are utilizing because it allows for the followers of these influencers to get a sneak-peek at what is to come this weekend during the Big Game. The extra engagement is an added bonus for the brands, driven directly from the social media posts.

Let’s take a look at 15 different celebrity influencers that have been activated for the upcoming Super Bowl 55 Commercial Ads.


Mila Kunas + Ashton Kutcher

Frito Lay

Marshawn Lynch 


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Rocket Mortgage

Tracy Morgan


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Bud Light

Post Malone 


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Dolly Parton 


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Lil Nas X


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Nick Jonas 


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Matthew McConaughey

State Farm

Aaron Rodgers + Patrick Mahomes 


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Michelob Ultra 

Serena Williams 

We’re big fans of this strategy because it allows for the brands to get a bang for their buck with each form of activation with influencer marketing. Not only do they get to feature the big names in their productions, but the influencers involved actually share the content to their fans and followers worldwide. Even if you don’t tune in for the game, you see saw who was in what commercial just from your social feeds.

It’s great to see all different brands rolling out their commercials and ads pre-game via social media. We’re in a digital world where content gets consumed so fast that brands have no other choice than to play the social card in the rollout phase of these multi million dollar projects. It’s as if we don’t even need to watch the game, all the fun of the commercials, the stars, and the jingles re already out for everyone to see.

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